Update from Charlie 1

Hi Barb and Casey,

We are so in love with Charlie. He is doing so good adjusting to his new family. He is sleeping in his kennel at night and during the day he sleeps in his bed in the living area. The first two days were the hardest because he used to wake up during the night crying, so we had to go downstairs and take him out to pee…now he is sleeping through the night and doesn’t cry anymore, he feels very comfortable in his kennel. We are keeping him in a schedule and try to follow a daily routine so he can have a structure, he has a bed time, an “alone” time in his own space and we are doing everything we can so he feels comfortable in his new home.

When he wants to pee he just goes to the backyard’s door and is our cue to let him out, and once he finishes doing his “business” he juts comes back in by himself. We are very proud of him, he is a very smart puppy and already knows his name, how to “sit”, give his “paw” and currently is learning how to “lie down” when we ask him to 🙂 He is also eating all his meals, and taking his vitamins (currently weighs 18.4lbs) Charlie is very playful and gentle with our daughter and the neighborhood kids, also, is very sociable with adults. And around other puppies he is very friendly.

Our daughter loves him and loves to snuggle with him and to play with him. She pretends she is a vet and is always with her Doc Mcstuffins equipment, checking him for boo boos, running him tests and putting him shots….and he loves it hahah!! Charlie really enjoys being around her.

When we take him out for a walk or for a ride, everyone wants to take pictures of him and wants to pet him, they say he is a very beautiful puppy and that he is very calmed.

We are very thankful for him, he makes us very happy!!!

We will keep you updated about all his future progress.

Suham, Andre and Summer

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