Update from Charlie 2

Hi Barb and Casey,

Hope you are all doing very well. Charlie is very lovable and sweet, specially with kids. He has a great temperament and he behaves like one of them, we have kids coming to visit us daily and they always want to be with Charlie, and if we don’t let him out then he will start crying and crying because he wants to go out and play. He loves interacting with people and other dogs. We love how sociable he is. Charlie is our daughter’s best friend, he is very protective and never leaves her side, they are always playing and running around the house, there is never a dull moment around here 🙂

He is almost 21 weeks and already losing all his baby teeth. Last time we weighed him he was 67 lbs and that was last week, he is growing really fast and very healthy.

Recently we lost a member of our pack, our french poodle, and it was really hard for everyone including Charlie, she was 13 years old and we had to let her go. Charlie and our other puppy, Finger, were really depressed for few days. Charlie would lay down on her bed for hours 🙁 Now we are all doing a little better and Charlie is bonding more with our mini pinscher.

Last month we all went to Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador and he had so much fun, he met the rest of the family and got to see more of Canada.

We are sending you many pictures of him so you can see how handsome he is. Wherever we go there is someone who wants to take pictures with him or just pet him, he is a ladies man! 😉 We are so happy of having the boy in our lives, we love him so much.

Hope you have a great Summer.

Andre, Summer and Suham

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