Mabel turns 2!

Hi Barb!

It’s been a while since we sent an update on Mabel. She just turned 2 on May 25th. She has matured into a lovely girl with a sauciness that makes us laugh out loud…most of the time! Not sure if she gets that from Kush or Surfin??!

She is loved by everyone who meets her & she thinks every person & dog is her best friend. Can’t imagine life without her. We had her spayed at Christmas…makes me a bit sad that there will be no “Mabel puppies”, but I know I don’t have what it takes to survive a litter of pups!!

Love looking at the puppies on your website! Rudi is a beautiful girl…might have to convince Brent to take one of her puppies in the future….once a saint lover, always a saint lover!!

Hope everyone is well on your end!

Cheers from Muskoka!
Catherine, Brent, Evan & Mabel!

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