Hi Barb

I heard the exciting news that a new litter is expected soon. Shel is so excited and I think a puppy is just what she needs. We have been playing the name game now for months. We do this every time one of us adds a critter to our family.

Thought I would send a few pictures of Kendall to you. She is just hanging out but she is just so cute. We love this girl so much. What a treasure she is and a pleasure to live with. Kendall makes our house a home. She has never met a person that she doesn’t like. She is such a hit down south where we spend the winter. Kendall adapts to her surroundings no matter where she is.

Thanks again for such a great girl and our introduction to the saint world. We love the breed. Shel and I both are so taken with saints. Yours in particular. We love the look of your saints and most importantly their temperament. And Kendall is so healthy. She is now 6 years old and so full of life and just as inquisitive as always. Laid back and just happy to be alive. That’s our girl. Non stop tail wagger for sure.

Good luck with the puppies and we look forward to meeting which ever one Shel picks.

Hope you and your family are all well and enjoying the warmer weather finally.

Take care,
Sue and Princess Kendall

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