Hank Update

Hi Barb and Casey!

Hope you and all your pups have been well!

Hank is growing so quickly! I need a time machine so I can re-live his chubby puppy days. Or convince the husband that we need another one.

Hank loves his life here in the country. Every day is an adventure and he has brought so much joy to our home. He is the perfect blend of loving, playful, and independent. He is very well-behaved (for the most part) and has thrived in situations that other dogs probably wouldn’t have tolerated very well. He didn’t care at all when we underwent an often noisy home renovation, he was loving every second of a large gathering with 20+ people, he continues to be incredible with new dogs he meets, he adjusted very well to both his parents going back to work and being left alone for more than a couple of hours…the list goes on. I am so impressed with his temperament.

If you ever want to check out his day-to-day life you can visit his Instagram page at: https://instagram.com/hank.the.saint/. We actually met his sister Georgia and half-brother Charlie on Instagram. It’s pretty funny how many similar character traits they all have.

I’ve been thinking it might be fun to show him one day and get to know other Saint owners. If there is any info you have on that or suggestions you could make, I would appreciate your insight! I’ve attached a few pictures here.

Talk soon!

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