Georgie is doing very well other than her ears, and they are getting better.

The solution the vet prescribed is doing the trick – but Georgie absolutely hates having it put in her ears. She knows when we are getting ready to put it into her ears and she tries to hide.

She absolutely loves the cows – she can sit and watch them for a long time. We have a couple calves in calf hutches and she likes to go right up to the calfs. I haven’t nabbed a picture of it yet but will …..

She’s growing like crazy – she and Timmy our cat are still learning their way with each other. However, Kevin saw Timmy chasing Georgie today at one point so they may soon make a truce.

She has taken a liking to Timmy’s cat bed….she just doesn’t realize that she is too big for it.

Grandma McGuffin, Nana and Aunt Jen came over last week and they all said they can really see a difference in her, that she’s grown so much.

I can tell she’s getting bigger as she doesn’t fit into my lap as well anymore!

Saturday we are starting a puppy training course at Pet Smart. I want to make sure we get the basics down so that she responds when we call.

Take care,

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