Georgie Girl


Just letting you know Georgie is settling in well with us at our home :).

She’s had a busy few days since she came to live with the McGuffin’s 3.

We took her into Pet Smart on Saturday to pick up some supplies so she had lots of attention and interacted with some other dogs there. On the way home she met Grandma and Grandpa McGuffin and totally charmed her Grandma. Molly the dog wasn’t so impressed though…..she didn’t’ like her Mommy paying attention to another puppy!

On Sunday she went with us to Nana’s and Pa’s for Easter dinner and met her canine BFF Bobbi. Bobbi wasn’t so happy that she had to share the attention from everyone, but did finally relent and had some playtime outside with Georgie.

Timmy the cat still has not accepted that he is no longer the only animal in the house. Although he did play with Georgie’s tail on Saturday. Georgie can’t understand why Timmy won’t play with her; but we are confident that both will settle down soon into a truce.

Georgie went to the barn and met the barn cats and the Clydesdale horses she wasn’t phased on their size at all….no picture yet but we will send one later. interestingly it was June who showed the most interest in Georgie and she is the horse that is usually very aloof.

She still has yet to meet Isabelle the 4-H calf, but its early days yet. Georgie is coming along well at leash training so far so she will be able to share her tips to Isabelle.

She has accepted sleeping in the crate with minimal fuss. Her barking never lasts long and she settles quickly.

I’ve attached a picture of her with her favorite toys; tuckered out from play time.

We are very happy with our newest addition as she is a great dog; Jordan is very happy with his puppy girl!

Take care,

Jodi McGuffin

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