Dexter at 13 weeks

Hi Barb and Casey!

Congratulations on all the puppies in January. I bet its been a busy couple of months. Tomorrow, our little puppy, Dexter turns 13 weeks. He is everything we ever wanted in a dog. He is confident, well mannered, and absolutely loves people and animals(especially small dogs). He has made our lives so much better, and just a bit sleep deprived 🙂

At his 12 week vet appointment he weighed a very healthy 39 lbs. From the amount kibble he eats, he should weigh 800. A good walk around the block, and a game of tug makes him pretty sleepy.

Yesterday he graduated from puppy class. He is a quick learner, in addition to knowing his name, he can already sit, stand, and lie down. In April we will start grade 1 obedience classes.

Thank you very much for breeding such a wonderful dog. He is perfect in every way.

Mike, Stacey, Eric and Brandon

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