Monthly Archives: October 2014

Princess Kendall

Hi Barb I was under the impression that Kendall was a working class dog. I was also not warned about how hazardous it is sleeping with a Saint. Last night in bed around 4 a.m. she managed to head butt me and gave me a fat, bruised, split lip. And in the pictures you will […]

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Sherlock with Zachary

Hi Barb, Just wanted to say it was lovely dropping by last week to see you and Casey and the new puppy. Gail, Sherlock and I hope you have a fun Thanksgiving weekend. Sorry we didn’t have Sherlock with us when we dropped by. It would have been nice to have him return to your […]

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Lily & Clara

Hi Barb, Long time no talk. Hope you guys are doing well. We’ve been busy lately as Lindsay gave birth to our daughter (Clara) just over 4 weeks ago. Lily has welcomed Clara nicely and sniffs her whenever she is within reach. I’ve attached a picture of Lily and Clara’s first meeting. Take care, Arlen

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