Nerthus Saint Bernards

Superb Saint Bernards for Show and Pet

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Established in 1972, Nerthus Kennels is dedicated to producing sound Saint Bernards with outstanding beauty and exceptional temperaments.

Each breeding is carefully planned, and each litter is lovingly whelped and raised.

Nerthus Announces

Nerthus Sweet Child Of Mine (Shomi) and Jurassic's Who Dat Wrangler (Bogger) had a healthy litter of 12 puppies on May 16th. CAN CH Nerthus Toni Von Heron (Toni) and Jurassic's Who Dat Wrangler (Bogger) had a healthy litter of 9 puppies on May 29th.

We are currently accepting applications

Please contact us for details on wait lists, puppy availability and to apply.

Before You Buy

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Your Dog is Family

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Keeping Your Dog Cool

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About Nerthus Saint Bernards

In 1972, Barb and Claus Koeppe began raising Saint Bernards and dedicated themselves to producing sound Saints with outstanding beauty and exceptional temperaments. They actively showed in both conformation and obedience, in Canada and the United States. Each breeding is carefully planned and each litter lovingly whelped and raised. In 2010, Claus passed away after 40 years in the breed. Claus' and Barb's daughter, Casey, joined the team to help in all aspects of the kennel. Barb is now in the process of a well-deserved retirement. Barb is passing on Nerthus to her daughter Casey. Barb will continue to be an active member of Team Nerthus focusing on the showing of Saints and offer her invaluable knowledge to assist with the future development of Nerthus Kennels. Casey was born into the world of Saints. She has a lifetime of experience and knowledge related to the breeding of these spectacular companions. Casey prides herself in the breeding, raising and showing of exceptional pups. Casey offers exceptional attention to obedience and problem solving in relation to any concerns that any customer may have. Her continued need and passion for knowledge regarding proper nutrition for Saints is essential for new owners to raise healthy dogs. Casey, in addition to her passion for Saints as a breeder and handler, is also a trained chef but now focuses 100% of her efforts on breeding and grooming within the business.