Nerthus Kennels

Dedicated to the Saint Bernard breed for over 40 years

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Established in 1972, Nerthus Kennels is dedicated to producing sound Saint Bernards with outstanding beauty and exceptional temperaments.

Each breeding is carefully planned, and each litter is lovingly whelped and raised.

Anika Rose's & Barney's Litter

Anika Rose (Louwho's Anika Rose) and Barney (Ch Trademark’s Liberty Haze of Nerthus) welcomed a litter of four on May 2nd. Mother and pups are doing well. Visit litter page.

Lucky's Puppy

Lucky (Nerthus The Lucky One) and Surfin (Can Ch Cache Retreat California Surfin') welcomed a litter of one on April 1st. Mother and son are doing well. Visit litter page.

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Your Dog is Family

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Keeping Your Dog Cool

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About Nerthus Kennels

In 1972, Barb and Claus Koeppe began raising Saint Bernards and dedicated themselves to producing sound Saints with outstanding beauty and exceptional temperaments. They actively showed in both conformation and obedience, in Canada and the United States. Each breeding carefully planned and each litter lovingly whelped and raised. In 2010, Claus passed away after 40 years in the breed. Claus' and Barb's daughter, Casey, joined the team to help in all aspects of the kennel.